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Birmingham Recovery Center provides reliable, professional opioid rehab that teaches you not just to live without drugs but to thrive in your new life. We help you through the detox process and into the next phase of addiction treatment while making you as comfortable as possible.

While many people have heard about the opioid epidemic in the United States, they may not know the details of how much damage it has done. In 2020, approximately 75 percent of all drug overdose deaths in the country involved opioids. If this perilous drug addiction has affected you or someone you love, getting help quickly can save a life.


opioid rehab, Opioid Rehab

What Are Opioids?

Opioids are drugs derived from the opium poppy plant. They can come in a prescription form, often used for pain relief. Common brand names include Vicodin, OxyContin, and Percocet. Other prescription opioids include codeine, morphine, and fentanyl. Street drugs such as heroin and synthetically manufactured fentanyl are also classified as opioids. Besides how they block out pain, many people use them to get high and experience euphoria. Even those who initially use them recreationally often end up becoming addicted to them. Opioid rehab in Birmingham then becomes a smart way to give up abusing this drug.

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opioid rehab, Opioid Rehab

What Happens At An Opioid Rehab in Alabama?

Opioid rehab involves going into formal treatment in order to be able to stop using opioids. Treatment takes place in a facility in which trained medical and psychological experts help the person understand why they developed an addiction. From there, they learn healthy coping skills to help them avoid relapsing. The term “rehab” can apply to more than one type of treatment program, but they all involve treatment sessions that allow a person to become sober and stay that way. Most rehabs include a variety of types of therapy that proves successful at helping people with a substance use disorder.

What Types of Rehab Are There For Opioid Addiction?

When someone goes to opioid rehab in Birmingham, they have multiple options to help them get sober. Addiction treatment usually begins with going to a  detox  program in order to receive the help it takes to get through the initial days of withdrawal from opioids. From there, a person may transition into a residential or partial hospitalization program, which provides them with round-the-clock care living in a facility with other people overcoming addiction. After residential treatment, or as an alternative to it, many people go to outpatient care. This option allows the person to live at home while getting the treatment they need during the day.

opioid rehab, Opioid Rehab

MAT for Opioid Disorder

Medications can be used during detox from opioids that can make a real difference in alleviating the pain and discomfort a person often faces. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) involves the combination of behavioral counseling with the use of FDA-approved medications. Some medications can be used temporarily while others can be continued for longer in order to maximize a person’s ability to stay sober. The three types of drugs used as part of MAT in an opioid rehab program include:

Methadone: This is a slow-release drug that helps many people move through the long-term stages of heroin withdrawal. It tricks the brain into thinking it has used heroin, which decreases the cravings that would otherwise be experienced. The person does not feel a sensation of being high when using it.

Buprenorphine: This medication acts similarly to methadone by fooling the brain into thinking an opioid has been consumed, thus quieting cravings for it. This helps prevent relapse while also relieving certain withdrawal symptoms.

Naltrexone: This medication blocks the opioid receptors in a person’s brain. Because of this effect, even if a person uses heroin, they will not get the high they normally rely on. Instead, uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms will happen, taking away the incentive to use heroin again.

opioid rehab, Opioid Rehab

How Do I Know I Need Opioid Rehab?

It can be easy for a person to fool themselves into thinking they have control of their opioid use but too often, they are fooling themselves. Signs that you may need opioid rehab include:

  • Isolating from friends and family
  • Avoiding responsibilities and hobbies in order to use opioids
  • Spending a lot of money on the drug
  • Difficulties at work or school or in relationships that tie into opioid use
  • Trying to quit taking opioids but being unable to do so
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not using
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Sleepiness
  • Change in eating habits
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of interest in personal hygiene

Someone on the Birmingham Recovery staff may be able to perform an assessment to determine if opioid rehab is necessary in order for a person to get off the drug.

What To Look For in an Opioid Rehab in Alabama

When attending an opioid rehab in Birmingham, each person should look for certain things that indicate the care they receive will be top-notch. First, it’s important that the clinicians who work there are trained in the field of addiction. This will ensure they understand how to identify the genesis of a person’s addiction and know how to help them leave it behind.

Second, the individual should look for a program that fits their specific needs. This can include the type of treatment they offer, such as residential, outpatient, or virtual care. They also should find out what types of therapy the facility offers and discuss which ones are a good fit for them.

Last, because most insurance companies cover some type of drug rehab, the person can call their company to get the specifics of their plan. As well, many treatment programs can quickly check to see if they accept a person’s insurance plan. Birmingham Recovery Center is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, however, we also accept all private insurance plans.

opioid rehab, Opioid Rehab

Find Opioid Rehab in Alabama

More and more families across the country find themselves with a family member who struggles with opioid addiction. Knowing where to turn can prove tough, but the right program can change lives. Birmingham Recovery Center offers opioid rehab in Birmingham that takes you from detox to outpatient treatment to aftercare. We help you achieve sobriety and then maintain it for a lifetime.

For more information about how easy it is to get started in our program, visit our admissions page now. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your questions.

opioid rehab, Opioid Rehab
opioid rehab, Opioid Rehab
opioid rehab, Opioid Rehab
opioid rehab, Opioid Rehab
opioid rehab, Opioid Rehab

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