About our Alabama Drug Rehab

Birmingham Recovery Center

About Our Alabama Drug Rehab

Birmingham Recovery Center is an Alabama drug rehab offering outpatient drug and alcohol treatment. Founded on a cornerstone of ethical and client-focused treatment, our program recognizes the complex nature of healing addiction and we treat every client with the compassion and support that is deserved by all people who struggle with serious mental and physical disorders.

The mission of Birmingham Recovery Center is to improve the lives of individuals struggling with addictive and co-occurring disorders. This is achieved through a holistic program of services provided within a framework of resolving attachment deficiencies and adverse life experiences. Concurrent to our mission, we seek to be partner in creating healing within the Birmingham community by serving as a resource for individuals, families, and stakeholders through offering our facility and professional staff for the promotion of addiction prevention, awareness, and peer-support.

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Our Philosophy

At Birmingham Recovery Center our philosophy is simple: Helping our clients stop substance use is not enough; treatment must always result in having a better life.

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Our Values

The multidisciplinary team at Birmingham Recovery Center embraces a common set of values that inform and guide the treatment of our clients, their families, and all those who encounter our staff.

Exceptional Client Care: We place our clients’ treatment and recovery at the pinnacle of all our efforts.

Unconditional Positive Regard: We will always treat our clients with compassion and respect, and we will do so without judgement regardless of their choices.

Integrity: We adhere to the highest standards of ethical clinical services and marketing practices.

We believe in people: We believe in our clients’ ability to change and heal. We believe that supporting our staff results in improved client care.

We are one team: We collaboratively leverage our individual talents in order to better serve our clients.

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At Birmingham Recovery Center, our Alabama drug rehab offers a continuum of care ranging from Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Programming, and Outpatient Drug Rehab. With exemplary staff and services, our treatment bridges the gab between healing and comfort. Addiction is complex and shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. Call Birmingham Recovery Center now at (205) 813-7400 or learn more about our admissions process.

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