PHP in Birmingham

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Birmingham

A partial hospitalization program, or PHP, is an outpatient level of care that matches the intensity and duration of residential treatment while allowing clients to reside in their home or a sober living program. PHP treatment typically involves daily group counseling and psycho-education combined with weekly individual sessions with a licensed therapist. Since clients will be seen by medical staff every week, any medication that is required can be prescribed onsite. Length of time in PHP varies from client to client depending upon individual needs, but many clients typically receive services at this level of care for around four weeks. At Birmingham Recovery Center, our Partial Hospitalization Program in Birmingham is designed to help clients find healing and identify develop new coping skills around addiction and mental health.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program, or a PHP, is a level of care that falls right below residential treatment. In most cases, people who have completed residential treatment or detox step-down into a partial hospitalization program to continue their recovery process. Different from a residential treatment program, however, those attending a partial hospitalization program tend to live at their own home or a sober house. They do, however, go to the facility daily and spend the majority of the day there. During that time, clients of the program will participate in therapy sessions such as individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and group counseling. If they have been prescribed any medications during treatment, the partial hospitalization program will administer them while the clients are there. The length of time that a person will spend in a partial hospitalization program will depend on their progress in recovery, however usually lasts anywhere from 6-12 weeks. 

Who is a Candidate for a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Birmingham Recovery Center will always tailor treatment services to a client’s individual needs. Those who can benefit most from a partial hospitalization program include individuals who:

  • Are engaging in treatment for the first time
  • Have already completed a residential treatment program and are stepping down to a less structured level of care
  • Have completed a medical detox and do not require the structure of a residential program
  • Have experienced difficulties maintaining their recovery
  • Require continued, supervised medication management

Prior to enrolling in a partial hospitalization program, our admissions staff will work with you to determine if this level of treatment is appropriate for your current needs.

Benefits of Our PHP in Birmingham

Attending a partial hospitalization program can be significantly beneficial in several different ways:

  • Affordability — Because clients typically reside at home, PHP eliminates the additional costs of residential programs. Clients are still able to access all aspects of higher-level treatment services while engaging in a more affordable outpatient setting.
  • Bridging the gap — For individuals completing care in a detox or residential program, continuing their recovery after returning home is often difficult. Receiving services at the PHP level of care can provide important structure and support while transitioning back to challenges of everyday life.
  • Family involvement — Addiction often has a tremendous impact on the families and loved-ones. At BRC, we strongly support the involvement of family members throughout the treatment process. This includes family therapy sessions as a routine part of treatment and a weekly family support group facilitated by program staff.

These are just a few of the benefits of the partial hospitalization program at Birmingham Recovery Center. But always the most important benefit is experiencing life without alcohol and drugs.

Partial Hospitalization Programming in Birmingham


Partial hospitalization programs are an ideal fit for many people looking to overcome their challenges with substance use disorders. When enrolled in a partial hospitalization program, you can continue to build on the recovery you have developed in a previous treatment program or start establishing your recovery. 

At Birmingham Recovery Center, we provide partial hospitalization programming that can help you or a loved one continue on the road to recovery. You do not have to continue to abuse drugs or alcohol. We are here to support you as you stop your active abuse and begin developing your recovery.


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