With the Telehealth IOP at Birmingham Recovery Center, clients can receive the highest-quality care for substance use and co-occurring disorders even if they’re not within an easy drive of our facility. By utilizing a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or any device with an Internet connection and camera, clients can participate in sessions from the convenience and privacy of their home.

What is Telehealth IOP?

Led by trained and licensed clinical staff, our Telehealth IOP provides the same, evidence-based treatment components as our in-person services, including:

  • Group therapy sessions to enhance coping skills, interpersonal communication, and connection with others in early recovery.
  • Individual therapy to address client-specific issues such as trauma or relational difficulties.
  • Family therapy to strengthen parent/spouse connection and communication.
  • Medical appointments with psychiatrist and nurse-practitioner for the medication management of addictive and co-occurring mental health disorders.

How does Telehealth IOP Work?

The Telehealth IOP consists of 3-hour group sessions, 3 days per week and a 1-hour individual session each week. In addition, clients are routinely seen by our medical staff at a frequency based upon their unique needs. Clients generally receive services in the Telehealth IOP for a period of about 12 weeks, depending upon the individual.

Group sessions involve an educational component and a “Check-in” component. The “Check-in” is a skill of self-reflection where clients can discuss and receive support for areas that present challenges specific to their recovery. Through the group process, clients learn to regularly reflect on all the aspects of their lives, share openly, and get feedback from both clinicians and peers. This allows clients to develop individual recovery goals in a supportive environment. The group format also allows each client’s strengths to bolster the recovery strength of the entire group.

Benefits of Our Telehealth IOP

The Telehealth IOP at Birmingham Recovery Center utilizes the latest tools for supporting our clients’ recovery goals. This includes the accountability of random substance screening with the clearMINDnow application-based, saliva collection platform. In addition, all clients are provided with (free-of-charge) access to the Recovery Capital Index that provides a convenient on-going assessment of an individual’s recovery capital (based upon the social determinants of health) for an entire year beginning at admission. 

Please note: the Telehealth IOP is limited to those clients who do not reside within 30 miles of our facility or if health or mobility issues make accessing in-person services too difficult.


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