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At our Alabama Recovery Center, we understand that pain that is associated with the disease of addiction. We know all-too-well just how deeply it impacts everyone who it touches. But what we also know is that addiction is a disease that can be treated.

The treatment services we provide are proven effective in reducing symptoms of addiction. Our entire team of professionals works directly with each client to ensure that the top level of treatment is being provided with every interaction, both big and small. Whether it is detox services, an intensive outpatient program, or aftercare, we offer a wide spectrum of outpatient addiction treatment options for those who are ready to put an end to their active addiction and begin living life to its fullest. Learn more about the services offered at our Alabama recovery center below:


Detoxing is often the first step in recovery for many people, especially those who are physically dependent on drugs or alcohol. At Birmingham Recovery Center, we know the wide variety of withdrawal symptoms that can develop once a client stops actively using. We are experienced and skilled in not only providing treatment for those symptoms, but also in helping all clients get through this difficult beginning step. Our team of medical and mental health professionals work in concert to ensure that each client is getting only the best care while they detox.

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Partial Hospitalization Programming

Our partial hospitalization program focuses on providing care for those individuals who do not require the intensity of treatment provided through residential care, but who also need more structure than what is provided in other lower level outpatient programs. At Birmingham Recovery Center, our partial hospitalization programming services require clients to be at the facility regularly, engaging in therapeutic activities that can range from traditional individual psychotherapy to holistic treatment like yoga or meditation.

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Intensive Outpatient Programming

Intensive outpatient programming is designed to continue to provide individuals with a steady course of treatment in their everyday life, but also allows for more personal time. Those who are enrolled in our intensive outpatient programming can benefit from being able to obtain the care they need while also working, spending time with loved ones, engaging in activities and hobbies, and so on. The majority of an individual’s week is spent at the facility, where they will continue to work on their recovery.

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Outpatient Program

Our outpatient program is an ideal option for individuals who are not struggling with a severe substance use disorder, but who still need professional guidance in order to put a stop to their active substance abuse or addiction. Clients of our outpatient program dedicate a few hours of their time every couple of days to their treatment with us. This means that they can continue to both uphold and achieve in areas outside of their treatment, such as at work and at home.

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Family Program

Addiction is a family disease. It is nearly impossible for family members to come out unscathed once their loved one has spent time abusing drugs or alcohol. The family unit as a whole suffers when addiction is present, which is why it is crucial for the family to heal together. Our family program focuses on addressing the needs of all family members so that communication can improve, resentments can be resolved, and new, healthy patterns of functioning can develop.

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Holistic Therapy For Addiction

Addiction isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and recovery shouldn’t be either. At Birmingham Recovery Center, we offer holistic therapy for addiction with a multitude of modalities including yoga, meditation and more. To help clients find a three-fold path to a mind, body, spirit approach, our staff incorporates holistic therapy as an additional service into our day to day programming.

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Each client who participates in one of our outpatient programs leaves the comforts of our care with a detailed aftercare plan. We understand that going from the structure of an outpatient program back to every day life can be jarring, especially in the first few weeks and months. To help clients maintain their standing in their sobriety and strengthen their relapse prevention, aftercare programs are put in place. We invest our care and expertise into each client and truly want to see them succeed outside the confines of our facility.

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Services in Alabama

At Birmingham Recovery Center, our innovative approach to outpatient addiction treatment features a highly individualized combination of the most effective talk therapies, on-site holistic treatments, psychiatric medication management and cutting edge technology. Our wide range of services in Alabama are designed to heal the whole person in mind, body and spirit.

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