Drug Rehab in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

When you enter drug rehab in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, you can take an important step toward a healthier future. With proper care and ongoing support, you can regain control of your life and resist the urge to abuse alcohol or other drugs.

Substance abuse and addiction continue to have a devastating impact in Tuscaloosa and throughout the rest of Alabama.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Alabama had 1,029 deaths due to drug overdose in 2020 alone. This is an average of 22.3 deaths for every 100,000 residents, which is higher than 20 other states.

But there is a glimmer of good news among the substance abuse data from this area. Every year, hundreds of Tuscaloosa residents make the courageous decision to get professional help. Addiction is a treatable condition, and long-term recovery is possible.

drug rehab Tuscaloosa Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

What is Drug Addiction?

The clinical term for drug addiction, as established in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is substance use disorder. The DSM-5 notes that a substance use disorder can cause significant changes in how a person thinks, feels, and acts. 

For example, when a person becomes addicted to alcohol or another drug, they may find it difficult or impossible to control the amount and frequency of their drug use. As the person’s body adapts the presence of the drug they’ve become addicted to, they will also develop tolerance and experience withdrawal symptoms:

  • Tolerance means that they will need to use increasingly larger amounts of the drug in order to experience the effect they’re seeking.
  • Withdrawal means they will develop painful physical and psychological symptoms when they can’t acquire the drug, or when they try to stop using it. 

Drug addiction can quickly overwhelm a person’s efforts to live a full and productive life. The many potential negative effects of drug addiction include ruined relationships, unemployment, organ damage, the onset or worsening of co-occurring mental illnesses, social withdrawal, overdose, and death.

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drug rehab Tuscaloosa Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Addiction & Substance Abuse Statistics in Tuscaloosa

The Alabama Central Data Repository (CDR) has reported the following statistics on addiction and substance abuse in Tuscaloosa:

  • From 2014-2021, 5,560 residents of Tuscaloosa County received professional care for a substance use disorder. This averages out to about 695 residents per year.
  • From 2016-2019, drug overdoses were responsible for 163 emergency room visits in Tuscaloosa County.
  • From 2014-2021, the average annual rate of deaths due to opioid overdose in Tuscaloosa County was 9.53 per 1,000 residents. 
  • From 2017-2021, opioid overdoses caused 90 deaths in Tuscaloosa County.
  • From 2006-2020, pharmacies in Tuscaloosa County filled an annual average of 109.4 opioid prescriptions for every 100 residents.

Signs & Symptoms of Drug Addiction

People who become addicted to alcohol and other drugs may exhibit a variety of signs and symptoms. In addition to tolerance and withdrawal, the following are common signs of drug addiction:

  • Significant changes in mood and energy levels
  • Disrupted sleep patterns, which may include either insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Changes in appetite, which can lead to unintended weight gain or loss
  • Apparent neglect of grooming, hygiene, and appearance
  • Pulling away from friends and family members
  • Relying on substances to help them wake up or get to sleep
  • Needing substances to cope with stress or celebrate successes
  • Lying or being otherwise deceptive about their activities and whereabouts

If someone you care about has been exhibiting one or more of the warning signs listed above, they may need professional help. Consulting with their doctor or scheduling an assessment at a reputable drug rehab in or near Tuscaloosa, Alabama, can be an important first step.

drug rehab Tuscaloosa Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Benefits of a Tuscaloosa, Alabama Drug Rehab

The following are just a few of the many benefits of getting professional help at our drug rehab near Tuscaloosa:

  • Streamlined, stress-free admissions process
  • Holistic therapy
  • Safe and welcoming environment
  • Customized care
  • Experienced treatment professionals
  • Several types of therapy
  • Multiple levels of care
  • Dual diagnosis programming
  • Family support services

Throughout your time with us, you can expect to work in active collaboration with the members of your treatment team. The dedicated experts who provide your care will make a concerted effort to get to know you as a unique individual. They will also encourage you to ask questions and express your concerns. Client empowerment is an essential feature of treatment at our center.

drug rehab Tuscaloosa Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Resources for Recovery Near Tuscaloosa

Developing an effective support network can help you maintain and build on the progress you make while you’re in drug rehab. Here are a few of the many local, county, and state resources that may be of value to you throughout your recovery journey.

drug rehab Tuscaloosa Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Services Offered at our Drug Rehab Near Tuscaloosa

When you participate in drug rehab at our center near Tuscaloosa, Alabama, we’ll develop a customized plan to guide your treatment. Depending on your history, needs, and treatment goals, your care may include elements such as:

  • Detoxification
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • Outpatient rehab
  • Family programming
  • Aftercare planning and support

Before you begin treatment at our drug rehab center, a member of our team will explain your options to you and recommend the programs and services that will best prepare you for long-term recovery.

Begin Drug Rehab in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Birmingham Recovery Center is a trusted source of superior drug rehab services for residents of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

When you enter treatment at our center, you will be in a safe and welcoming place under the care of a team of dedicated healthcare providers. We understand the many ways that addiction can impact a person’s life, and we’re committed to providing the focused solutions that will help you achieve successful, long-term recovery. 

Don’t let addiction rob you of one more day. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

drug rehab Tuscaloosa Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
drug rehab Tuscaloosa Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
drug rehab Tuscaloosa Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
drug rehab Tuscaloosa Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
drug rehab Tuscaloosa Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

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