Fentanyl Rehab: Treating Addiction Before It’s Too Late

If you or anyone close to you is struggling with addiction to fentanyl, know that there is hope. Fentanyl addiction can be a serious and life-altering problem, but effective and dedicated treatment in the form of fentanyl rehab can make a difference in a person’s recovery journey and enable them to achieve long-term sobriety.

At Birmingham Recovery Center, we respect the personal story of every patient who enters through our doors, offering personalized care for each individual as well as providing resources needed in order for everyone to benefit from their stay—whether it’s simple conversations about how they are feeling or learning the core skills to stay sober through different activities designed specifically for their needs. With years of experience aiding in rehabilitating people suffering from fentanyl overdose and abuse, we understand what tools and techniques work best at helping patients achieve a balanced, healthy life free from substance misuse.

How Does Fentanyl Impact People’s Lives?

Fentanyl is an extremely potent synthetic opioid that has been associated with many fatal overdoses, especially in the United States. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug overdose deaths increased from 2019 to 2021, with over 106,000 reported in 2021. Deaths involving synthetic opioids other than methadone (mainly fentanyl) have continued to climb, with 70,601 overdose fatalities reported in 2021. Fentanyl is commonly found in illegally manufactured drugs such as counterfeit painkillers or heroin, but it can also be prescribed by medical professionals to treat severe pain.

The effects of fentanyl vary from person to person; some may experience a strong euphoria, while others are more likely to develop physical dependence if they take the drug regularly. People who abuse fentanyl often report feeling calm, relaxed, and happy—however, it is extremely important that individuals familiarize themselves with the risks before attempting to use this drug, even for medical purposes. Fentanyl can be particularly dangerous when it is combined with other substances, as the effects are greatly magnified, leading to a greater risk of an accidental overdose.

How Can Fentanyl Addiction Be Treated?

Treating fentanyl addiction requires professional help from experienced clinicians and medical professionals who specialize in drug and alcohol abuse. Birmingham Recovery Center is a fentanyl rehab in Birmingham, AL that provides comprehensive, individualized care for those suffering from fentanyl addiction through evidence-based therapies such as fentanyl detoxification, medication-assisted therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and more. Additionally, we offer various recovery services such as group and individual counseling sessions, 12-step programs, holistic therapies like yoga or nutrition classes, and targeted educational materials. These services are designed to help patients build a strong recovery foundation that will enable them to continue living sober after their treatment with us is complete.

Why It’s Important to Seek Help

Fentanyl addiction can be unbelievably dangerous and even life-threatening if left untreated, as the drug has intense physical and psychological effects on an individual’s body. People who are addicted to fentanyl also put themselves at risk of suffering a fatal overdose due to its potency and unpredictability; many don’t realize that their bodies have become exceptionally tolerant of the drug until it’s too late.

Signs of fentanyl addiction can include a preoccupation with obtaining and using the drug, changes in behavior or attitude, withdrawal symptoms when not taking fentanyl, and physical signs such as shallow breathing, constricted pupils, slurred speech, and nodding off. If you or a person you know is exhibiting any of these signs or displaying alarming behaviors related to fentanyl abuse or addiction, please seek help at a fentanyl rehab immediately.

At Birmingham Recovery Center, we are here to provide support for those seeking help for their fentanyl addiction. Our team of compassionate professionals is dedicated to helping our patients transform their lives through comprehensive fentanyl rehab plans tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

What to Expect During Fentanyl Rehab in Birmingham, AL

During rehab, individuals who are struggling with fentanyl addiction will be given the opportunity to detox in a safe and monitored environment. Once detox is complete, our team of dedicated clinicians will develop an individualized plan that includes evidence-based therapies, relapse prevention strategies, aftercare services, and more. Throughout each step of the process, we make sure that our patients feel heard, respected, and supported. Our ultimate goal is for them to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to maintain long-term sobriety so they can live their healthiest lives possible.

How Family and Friends Can Support Loved Ones Through Rehab

Recovery while in fentanyl rehab can be difficult for individuals as they’re making such a significant life change, but having loved ones provide unwavering support through the process can make all the difference. Friends and family members should strive to create a comforting environment that encourages their loved ones to take each step toward sobriety without fear or judgment. This can be done with a few simple pointers to keep in mind:

  • Encourage your loved one to ask questions and seek help if they need it.
  • Offer support without being overly critical or demanding.
  • Stay positive and remind them of their progress throughout treatment.
  • Help plan activities that promote physical and mental health once rehab is completed, such as exercise programs, nutrition classes, or relaxation techniques.
  • Celebrate small victories along the way and be there for them during difficult times.

Birmingham Recovery Center is here to provide our patients with the compassion, guidance, and resources necessary to achieve a successful fentanyl rehab in Birmingham, AL. Our team of dedicated professionals understands that addiction can be overwhelming and isolating, but we are committed to helping each patient restore balance in their life.

Resources for Those Affected by Fentanyl Addiction

If you or a person you love is struggling with fentanyl addiction, there are resources available to help. Here are a couple of helpful organizations that might provide support throughout the recovery process:

We deeply understand how difficult it can be to seek help for fentanyl addiction, but we want to remind everyone that they are not alone. To start your journey towards healing at our fentanyl rehab in Birmingham, AL, please reach out to us today. We are here for you and can’t wait to help you embark on the path of recovery and long-term sobriety.


  • Ian Henyon, LPC

    Having worked in a variety of clinical settings since 2008, Ian brings well over a decade of treatment center experience to the leadership role at Birmingham Recovery Center. As Executive Director, he is responsible for all aspects of BRC’s operations and provision of services. Being firmly grounded in the notion of servant leadership, Ian is focused on establishing a supportive work environment as a foundation for providing superior clinical services to BRC’s clients. Ian combines his extensive knowledge of treating addiction and psychiatric illness with the recognition that addiction is a disorder of the brain, to ensure that all clients are treated with the highest levels of respect and compassion. Ian is a licensed professional counselor. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and he received a Master of Science degree from Prescott College.


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